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When Making Healthy Meal Should Not Be Troublesome

Healthy Meal

Making Healthy Meal Should Not Be Troublesome

As a woman who doesn’t spend most of time at home like me can be very challenging when talks the needed to prepare healthy meals for the family. A certain standards to make something that can be called as “a healthy food” with the limited time and limited energy as well as the limited time and limited energy into things that must be considered in this regards, especially I always like to implement food combining which makes me need to follow some certain formulas.

While living in a city can be also means there are a lot of options out there which can simplify my goal to provide food for my family, I still won’t take it as an option. And here is my tips how to provide a healthy food for your family:

1. Simplify

Please reset again your perception about “delicious food” from your mind. If you cook everything by yourselves and do not have much time, our tongue must be conditioned ready to receive grain understated, not too many kinds, and cooked briefly. Change your mind to put a “healthy” just as the standard. For e.g: it should be easy to make a salad rather think hard to check whether a food can be match on your tongue with other type of food as long as it healthy go for it! 🙂

2. Tools make it easy

Why I insist to prepare food for my own family even I’m quite busy with my activities because I believe cook for family can increase the bonding between family member, but if you think cooking is hard thing to do then it’s time for you to simplify.

For an example: when talking about healthy foods your may always have vegetables and fruits on your mind. Then you may need to prepare a vegetable or fruit peeler. When you need to make a healthy smoothie then prepare a good blender, when you need to slice your ingredients, then you can buy a slicer that can helps you finish your tasks easily.

3. Preparation

Whenever you have found the pattern of your cooking recipe, you can also make a basic seasoning in big amount and store it on your freezer or refrigerator. You can also set all the ingredients for the whole week and setup them on your refrigerator. If possible you can find the supplier for an organic vegetables around where you live to supply you the needed. So you don’t need to keep spend time to shopping a fresh vegetables every couple days.

4. Do not to be stringent

The idea to keep cooking a healthy food is to get your body healthier but it doesn’t means you will spend the whole month eating at home. I guess you will be also get bored. Schedule a family dinner outside and find a restaurant there provide a health food. I found a lot in DC a good restaurant that provide only healthy food.

Hope those all of points I mentioned above can make you exhale and forget the mindset that cooking a healthy foods will hassle and needs a lot of efforts. You will find your routine and can improve while in the road. Have fun! 😀