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How I Get Around Spend Big Money To Get Top Performer Blender For My Kitchen

As a woman who make her own healthy foods for her family plus as a person who manage the monthly expense. I need to get best kitchen appliance to support me. I have mentioned at this article that a good kitchen tool will avoid you to get some trouble when cooking your foods.

One of my favorite tool on my kitchen is a blender, I can use it to make almost anything, from sauce, soup, puree, healthy smoothie or even a healthy ice cream for my children.

Problem here is not all blenders in the market give the real value for your money after purchasing.

You need to cease making some common mistakes when it comes to buying a blender. Some of people may go for expensive blenders thinking that due to the high price they’ll end up with a top performing blender but that’s not the case always. Others buy cheap blenders which break down within weeks or months instead of taking time to find out the best blender out there.

At this point you need to stop making mistakes and simply buy a blender which can cooperate and give a nice smoothie or the best mixture ever.

Simply ask to yourself, can your blender crush hard produce or icy food and still serve you for a very long time? Well’ these are just but a few things you need to consider when looking for a blender. Though not so important to some people, the noise level when in use is also something to consider.

So before going ahead to buy a professional blender you need to make good use of the internet and friends to do research and find out which is the top performing blender in the market.

To an extent, most expensive blenders in the market like Vitamix or Blendtec perform better than cheaper blenders. That therefore means for you to get a good blender capable of serving you for long and qualitatively you’ll have to go for the most expensive models.

My biggest concern here is that I want to help you find a good blender which is also cheap or affordable. I don’t want to major on high end blenders so much because that would be a topic for another day.

One thing that not many people consider is the fact that refurbished blenders can give good quality mixtures and they are also cheap. Let’s look at Vitamix blenders for instance. Refurbished Vitamix blenders are cheaper than new blenders from the same brand and can give exact quality of mixtures as a new Vitamix blender would.

As a matter of fact if you give someone to taste smoothies from a new Vitamix and a refurbished Vitamix blender the person will not be able to notice any difference. You can get same quality at a cheaper price if you use a refurbished type of Vitamix blender.

What exactly do we mean by the term “refurbished Vitamix blender“? These are blenders which cannot be resold as new blenders which therefore mean they can sometimes be used for demonstration purposes and cannot be sold in the market as new blenders. They therefore cost cheaper than new blenders but give same quality mixture.

These refurbished Vitamix blenders normally come with a 5 year warranty which can be extended to 8 years for another $75 addition. The only different that I can tell you is you will get different packaging than the brand new Vitamix blender.

vitamix-recondition-blender-packaging-768x575As you can see at a picture that I took from that show you different packaging for the refurbished Vitamix Blender. But that’s it! Nothing else is different.

By buying a refurbished Vitamix blender it is approximated that you are likely to save up to $270 and still get similar results as someone who uses a new Vitamix blender. All refurbished Vitamix blenders must pass through some steps after being manufactured before being sold as refurbished versions. Probably this could be the reason why refurbished Vitamix blenders perform extremely well.

Let’s say the truth as it is: Blendtec and Vitamix blenders are some of the highly priced blenders in the market today. The big question is: who has a top performing blender at an affordable price?
New Vitamix blenders come with a price ranging from $299 and $689 depending on the model.

The cheapest of them all are the refurbished versions which come with a 5 year warranty starting at approximately $299. The price of a new Blendtec blender starts at $279-$1035. Again the model you settle for will determine the amount you’ll have to pay. However you can get a certified refurbished model of Blendtec at $279.

We cannot judge the battle between Blendtec and Vitamix based on price because each of these blenders has unique features but they are still the top performing blenders in the market. A good review that discussed Blendtec vs Vitamix has been discussed a lot out there, and I still feel that you cannot go wrong by choosing one of them.

Why Now I Prefer to Drink Almond Milk than A Regular Cow Milk?

Almond MilkApproximately since 2014 almond milk become a healthy lifestyle trend in society until today. Almond milk has become a substitute of the regular cow’s milk we consume daily. Especially for vegans who do not like milk, or sensitive with milk, this almond milk will be a good alternative for your healthy lifestyle.

Unlike the almond milk before consumption, cow’s milk has to go through a heating process called ‘pasteurization‘. When pasteurized, most of the nutrient content of cow’s milk is potentially damaged by heating. On the other hand, almond milk can be consumed directly without having to go through a heating process so it will not lose their nutritional content.

Based on Time magazine polling that involving 5 health experts to collect about their views on the benefits of almond milk. 4 of 5 The health experts agree that the almond milk has more benefits and contains many nutrients that are not owned by any other type of milk.

What are the advantages of almond milk compared to other milk?

Almond milk is regarded as an obvious choice for vegans and people who are lactose intolerant. In addition, the calorie content of milk almond 50% lower than cow’s milk. And for the other thing almond milk has benefits for people who want to lose weight, because it is not of animal products, it has no cholesterol. But let’s take more detail what is the advantage of almond milk:

Good for cardiovascular system
Almond milk contains no cholesterol or saturated fats. The sodium content is also low and high healthy fat (like omega fatty acids, such as found in fish), which helps prevent high blood pressure and heart disease.

Help you lose weight
1 cup of almond milk contains only 60 calories, as opposed to cow’s milk contains 146 calories, 122 calories in 2%, 1% 102 calories, 85 calories in skim. Almond milk help you lose or maintain your healthy weight.

Bones become stronger
Although it does not contain much calcium as cow’s milk, almond milk provides 30% of the benefits of calcium daily, also 25% of the benefits of vitamin D reduces the risk of arthritis, osteoporosis, and improve immune function. He also improve the health of bones and teeth shape.

Reducing the risk of diabetes
Almond milk (without additives) has a low carbohydrate, which means it does not directly increase your blood sugar levels significantly, thereby reducing the risk of developing diabetes. This is because the almond milk contains low glycemic index, and your body will use carbohydrates for energy, so the sugar is stored as fat!

Maintain healthy skin
Almond milk contains 50% of vitamin E, which contains antioxidants that are beneficial for skin health, such as protecting the skin from damage due to exposure to sunlight.

Helps strengthen muscles and healing
Although it contains only 1 gram of protein each glass, it contains a lot of vitamin B such as iron and riboflavin, which are both essential for strong muscle growth and healing.

Does not contain lactose
People who suffer from lactose intolerance trouble digesting the sugar in cow’s milk. If you frequent abdominal pain or diarrhea after drinking milk, you may also suffer from lactose intolerance. If so, more suitable almond milk consumed by you as a substitute for cow’s milk, because it does not contain lactose.

Improving your digestion
Almond milk contains nearly 1 gram of fiber per cup, which is essential for healthy digestion!

How to make almond milk at your kitchen

In the midst of popularity of almond milk, there is need to consider and take note. Almond milk does not have a lot of protein or calcium to be a substitute for cow’s milk entirely. One glass of almond milk has only 1 gram of protein than cow’s milk has 8 grams. Besides calcium 2 milligrams calcium content than cow’s milk contains 300 milligrams.


  • 1 cup organic raw almonds
  • 2 cups water for blending and some more water for
  • 7 of dates for sweetener, preferable date palm


  1. First of all you need to soak the almonds at least overnight or up to 2 days. Put the water in a bowl or a container and soak the almonds.
  2. After that drain the almonds from their soaking water and rinse them under cool running water to remove the phytic acid from it.
  3. Take your blender, put the almonds and 2 cups of water/li>
  4. Run the blender and set to highest speed for about 2 minutes. Use pulse in the blender a few times to break up the almonds.
  5. Strain the blended almonds.
  6. Put the rest of strained blended almonds and put them into nut milk bag, squeeze and press with clean hands to extract as much almond milk as possible.

Note: This almond milk should be good to be consumed until 5 days if you put it in a refrigerator.

When Making a Healthy Food Should Not Be Troublesome

healthy food

As a woman who doesn’t spend most of time at home like me can be very challenging when talks the needed to prepare healthy meals for the family. A certain standards to make something that can be called as “a healthy food” with the limited time and limited energy as well as the limited time and limited energy into things that must be considered in this regards, especially I always like to implement food combining which makes me need to follow some certain formulas.

While living in a city can be also means there are a lot of options out there which can simplify my goal to provide food for my family, I still won’t take it as an option. And here is my tips how to provide a healthy food for your family:

1. Simplify

Please reset again your perception about “delicious food” from your mind. If you cook everything by yourselves and do not have much time, our tongue must be conditioned ready to receive grain understated, not too many kinds, and cooked briefly. Change your mind to put a “healthy” just as the standard. For e.g: it should be easy to make a salad rather think hard to check whether a food can be match on your tongue with other type of food as long as it healthy go for it! :)

2. Tools make it easy

Why I insist to prepare food for my own family even I’m quite busy with my activities because I believe cook for family can increase the bonding between family member, but if you think cooking is hard thing to do then it’s time for you to simplify.

For an example: when talking about healthy foods your may always have vegetables and fruits on your mind. Then you may need to prepare a vegetable or fruit peeler. When you need to make a healthy smoothie then prepare a good blender, when you need to slice your ingredients, then you can buy a slicer that can helps you finish your tasks easily.

3. Preparation

Whenever you have found the pattern of your cooking recipe, you can also make a basic seasoning in big amount and store it on your freezer or refrigerator. You can also set all the ingredients for the whole week and setup them on your refrigerator. If possible you can find the supplier for an organic vegetables around where you live to supply you the needed. So you don’t need to keep spend time to shopping a fresh vegetables every couple days.

4. Do not to be stringent

The idea to keep cooking a healthy food is to get your body healthier but it doesn’t means you will spend the whole month eating at home. I guess you will be also get bored. Schedule a family dinner outside and find a restaurant there provide a health food. I found a lot in DC a good restaurant that provide only healthy food.

Hope those all of points I mentioned above can make you exhale and forget the mindset that cooking a healthy foods will hassle and needs a lot of efforts. You will find your routine and can improve while in the road. Have fun! 😀